Behind Sunduan Studio 

Hello there! My name is Emery Joy. I started picking up resin somewhere in December 2019 and I have been continuously working on my skills then. I have always been trying to find an outlet to showcase some part of my creativity and when I discovered making jewellery with resin, I instantly knew it had to be a part of me. When the COVID-19 Pandemic took over, a lot of us was left having to stay at home. I took it as an opportunity to continue building up my resin skills and thus, Sunduan Studio was born. Resin is a subjective form of art - you basically can do whatever you want with it! I enjoy making detailed pieces with them. 

Why Sunduan? 

Sunduan in my native language is commonly known as "spirit". It is used to speak goodwill towards someone, though as if you are wishing them to have a "good spirit". And funnily enough, Sunduan was meant to be my middle name but I guess my mum didn't manage to make it happen, at least not officially. But I like the ring of it. My resin journey is still growing and still improving! I am consistently inspired by the people, culture and environment around me and I am looking forward to making new things! 

Thanks for sticking around on this journey with me!